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Causes of Loose Teeth and Treatment Options

When you were young, losing your teeth was an exciting rite of passage. But in adulthood, a loose tooth no longer comes with the excitement of a visit from the Tooth Fairy. There are several causes of loose teeth in adults, and fortunately, plenty of treatments to repair them.

Let's start by looking at the common causes of loose teeth in adults.

Gum Disease

A common problem for many patients, gum disease is the gums' inflammation resulting from poor dental hygiene. A staggering 40% of people experience gum disease with symptoms such as tender, red, or painful gums. Often the gums start to recede or even bleed during brushing. Good brushing and flossing habits go a long way toward avoiding gum disease.

Tooth Injury

Teeth can withstand quite a bit, but accidents happen. Any strong impact to the teeth from a fall or vehicle accident can result in an injury to the teeth, loosening them. Additionally, clenching and grinding your teeth can cause harm to your teeth.


You may not have realized that osteoporosis, a condition that causes weakened and porous bones, can impact your teeth and jaw. If osteoporosis causes your jaw bones to become less dense, your teeth can loosen and start to fall out.


It is no secret that pregnancy causes a swell of hormonal changes throughout the body. Raised hormone levels such as progesterone and estrogen can alter the periodontium, the collection of bones and ligaments that hold your teeth in place and cause the teeth to loosen.

The best way to prevent these issues is to practice good dental care. Regular dentist visits and brushing and flossing your teeth will go a long way to avoiding loose teeth in adults. But thankfully, there are a few options for those whose teeth feel loose due to one of these issues. Your dental professional can help you choose the best option for your specific needs, but here are a few options you may discuss.

  • Scaling and root planting: A deep cleaning that treats and helps to reverse gum disease.

  • Medications or mouth rinses: This option can help heal infected gums and fight bacteria in the mouth.

  • Bone grafts: Rebuilds bone loss due to gum disease.

  • Soft tissue grafts: Prevents further gum or tooth loss if you have gum disease.

  • Surgery: A procedure to remove inflamed gum tissues or bones damaged by gum disease.

  • Dental appliances: Reduces damage from grinding your teeth.

  • Dental bridges or dental implants: Used when teeth fall out completely.

Value Dental Care offers treatment for loosening teeth. If you have a concern or question or are due for a cleaning and exam, contact Value Dental Care. Our trained staff is always ready to help you with your oral care needs. We offer high-quality care at affordable prices. Email or call us today to schedule an appointment at our Spring Hill (352-684-1274) or Crystal River (352-794-6139) locations.




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