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Understanding Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures

There are some procedures that take your smile above and beyond in ways that preventative care cannot. While it is vital to your health that you get teeth cleanings twice a year, keeping your teeth white occasionally calls for more cosmetic work.

Many individuals hear the word ‘cosmetic’ and instantly think of plastic surgery; a costly extensive undertaking. However, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, it is far less intense. In many cases, common cosmetic dental procedures only take an hour!

With the many questions we get from customers about how they can better whiten their teeth, we thought it would be best to explore two common cosmetic dental procedures to help shed some light on the positivity of that little extra attention to your oral detail!

Professional Tooth Bleaching

Bleach anywhere near your mouth might sound daunting but rest assured, this is an entirely different type of procedure. When you whiten your teeth at home using strips or a gel, you are performing a form of tooth bleaching in a very simple, usually below average way.

To achieve an affordable and effective whitening effect, consider having one of our dentists here at Value Dental Care perform the procedure. In office, this process is quick and perfect for those just looking for quick results.

It is important to note that not every set of teeth can be bleached. Many who have sensitive teeth from a wearing down of their enamel will likely experience more pain than the average individual, so consider an evaluation before undergoing this or any other procedure.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

This procedure has been around for decades, and it is still misunderstood by those considering cosmetic dental work. A veneer is a very thin shell of porcelain applied to the surface of your teeth after the enamel is gently filed away. To create this shell, an impression of your teeth is taken.

These shells provide a protective casing that not only restores the brightness of your smile, but also covers chipped teeth. This process is frequently tailored towards those who cannot have their teeth bleached, either for medical reasons or because of deep staining that cannot be easily removed.

In addition to their repairative qualities, veneers can minimize a noticeable gap between front teeth, saving you money by preventing the need for extensive orthodontic work, such as braces or retainers. Aside from cost savings, several people also opt for veneers to help with crooked teeth or gaps to avoid the look of metal braces.

Your Trusted Dental Team

When it comes to any medical procedure, whether cosmetic or preventative, you wouldn’t just randomly select your doctor like shopping for a pair of socks. Don’t gamble with your oral health, either!

Our doctors at Value Dental Care want to earn your trust, so if you are in Spring Hill or Crystal River, contact us through our website to plan your visit adequately. You can find our patient forms here as well to be ready for when you arrive.


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